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The world of branding is a world of opportunities. Branding articulates in language what we so often crave: a means to connect. In today’s frenetic world, we rarely step back long enough to examine the mechanisms, the reasons behind why we do things and how we do them. The risk of being run by the rat race is all too real. How to Brand Anything pulls back from the details to examine what branding truly is: the hinges and mechanisms of connection seen through the veil of communication opportunity.

Excerpt table from How to Brand Anything

Most branding books are content to stand on the sidelines of this conversation. In How to Brand Anything, I have chosen to fully take this on, going so far as to say the reason for branding is to both create and deliver on opportunities for people. The nature of branding’s opportunities go beyond dollars and cents, appealing to all our senses. Most of all, branding appeals to our emotions, acting as catalysts and triggers for the rational, logical world of dollars and donuts we also live in.

While emotional reasons are here, as first discussed in my 2019 book, Signs & Symbols of Success, we also need to access communications through the most direct means possible. In branding, this refers to the development and delivery of rational offers linked to both logical and emotional outcomes for stakeholders. Your offers have to appeal to people such as: Customers, Partners, Agents, Associates, Directors, Shareholders, etcetera. Different offers are designed for different people, differing but aligned opportunities are delivered through efficient branding.

This book is focused on helping you create great offers, which are aligned with  overall brand messages as covered in the Matriarchy of Brands section. Using the tools highlighted in this book can assist you in developing content and languaging, including appropriate art and color choices, to both differentiate you from your competitors and present a unified, cohesive and coherent whole offer to stakeholders. This is branding.

How to Brand Anything expands on the Matriarchy of Brands with all-new tables and charts. It also includes the (NEW) 7 Secrets to Branding, which focuses directly on developing offers. How to Brand Anything has additional information, including a section on branded events and another on applications of a career in branding. Both of these sections will likely surprise you with new ideas.

My goal with this book is to provide you with an indispensable guide and reference resource volume that you can turn to time and again for solid advice and wisdom while you are brand building. Whether you are a branding professional, business owner, human resources, communications, or marketing specialist, I am confident you will get value from applying the lessons found in How to Brand Anything.

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