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I have read a lot of books about branding, and this one stands out.

Your brand is an answer; a solution to a problem that somebody has. 

But how do “they” know your brand is the answer?

How to Brand Anything starts at the very foundation, beginning at what constitutes a brand, and branding, and proceeds quickly to practical applications on making money, reputations and projects soar through empirical facets of brand building in three steps.

I found this book on branding to be an invaluable resource. It is a comprehensive and informative guide for anyone wanting to develop or expand their personal or business brand in today’s marketplace.

Knowledge is access to power. You will seize the reins of your project, brand or product news launch. 1-2-3, you will:

  • Distill your offer
  • Quantify practical capacity
  • Communicate your imperatives with style

This book provides an easy to read step-by-step process that will help you clarify your message by distinguishing a specific offer that centers and focuses on a brand message that is consistent and valuable. Bryce Maynard Winter shows how to do this with grace and style.

This is a reference book you will keep for years. It reminds me a bit of “What To Do When It’s Your Turn” by Seth Godin as it shares a rich, full-color, eye-candy enticing look with useful, thought-provoking ideas.

This book illustrates, using dozens of global examples, how archetypes underlie and underscore the deeply emotional and significant relationships we have with brands in seven distinct pathways:

  1. The Reliable House Brand
  2. The Popular Tower Brand
  3. The Connection Bridge Brand
  4. The Choice Hotel Brand
  5. The Safe Castle Brand
  6. The Immortal Palace Brand
  7. The Together Theater Brand

In addition to describing these seven archetypes in detail for the first time, with a full chapter devoted to each one, Winter reveals 13 means of emotional connection through live events, while relating physical experiences to various other forms of media and commerce. 

Buy How to Brand Anything today!

This book is a branding experience. You will become enlightened to previously unknown perspectives on branding and the associated business strategies of various companies that trend up and down in their attempts to pierce the cacophony of information clouding the awareness of the average, ordinary consumer.

This is a significant new volume of essential information that concisely contains the wisdom you need to get started, or advance in branding!

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